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Archived News

These archives contains news from years past.


We are very proud!

SBIS Multi Ch Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon finished her International championtitle in record time by winning CACIB & BOB in Spain today (read) 17th December 2006.

We are very proud of you Stella! HUGEST CONGRATULATIONS to Mario.

Stellas story
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Bienvenido a Suecia ... Ninja!

On a rainy Novemberday Ninja came flying so high from her warm country Spain to Sweden, not yet 3 months old. Very warmly WELCOMED Ninja walked straight into her new home as well as our hearts. We are so happy to have Ninja here with us at Kingsleah.

Thank you Mario for this very pretty girl Golddragon Fly So High!

More about Ninja ...

Leila CAC & CACIB in Austria

Kingsleah Leila won CAC and CACIB under judge Lisbeth Mach in Wels, Austria, 2 December.

BOB, Group 1 and BIS all breeds was a daughter to Svinto, Multi Ch, WW-06 Jennies Joplin Gandamak.

Congratulations to both winners!

More about Leila ...
Click thumbnail for larger view2006-11-22

Puppy pictures online!

Here they are, 6 boys and 4 girls by Zeb x Mimmi, 6 weeks.

Click here!
Click thumbnail for larger view2006-11-11


World Champion Kingsleah Blue Star´s "Svinto" daughter Multi Ch Jennies Joplin Gandamak follows in her fathers footsteps by achieving the World Winner title 2006 in Poznan, Poland. Pictured with owner/handler Petra Vojtek and judge T. Jakkel.

A son of Svinto, Justine T Gandamak (Jennies brother) won the working class with CWC.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to owner/breeder family Vojtek, Bratislava, Slovakia!

Kingsleah Leila was nicely placed 5th of 17 Juniorbitches.

At the same time we want to send our HUGEST CONGRATULATIONS to all other Svinto kids winning around the world!

We are very proud of you all!


Leila current TopJuniorBitch in Germany

Kingsleah Leila is currently the TopJuniorBitch in Germany 2006. First time out in Intermediate class she won CAC under judge Mrs Schäfer.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-10-16

Junior Winner Dortmund 2006

Kingsleah Leila achieved the Annual Junior Winner-title 2006 in Dortmund, Germany under judge Mrs Shira Mac Donald.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-10-09

Faysal ... here he is

Kingsleah Faysal, now 15 months old with an outstanding conformation and lots of action on the move. Here he is ...

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Click thumbnail for larger view2006-10-09

Mimmis babies are born

Kingsleah Drama Queen gave birth to 6 boys and 4 girls in an array of exotic colours.

Proud sire is Kingsleah Stairways To Heaven (pictured).

Read more here ...

Stella Gibraltar Champion

SBIS Spanish & Portugese Ch Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon won CAC, CACIB and the Gibraltar Championtitle today, September 24th.


BOBJun & Junior Winner Mammendorf 2006

Kingsleah Leila won BOB & Annual Junior Winner Mammendorf, Germany, September 23rd, under judge Nelly Ahrend, Agha Djari, Germany.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-09-12

*** Specialty Best In Show in Spain ***

"Stella" Spanish & Portugese Ch Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon won SBIS at the Spanish Afghan & Saluki Club Monografica (National Specialty) in Pamplona, Spain, 9th of September.

Thank you judges Mr Paul Britza, Taejon, Australia and Lotta Bruhn, Caravan, Norway!

Hip hip hurrah ... Mimmi (Stellas sister in Sweden) sends a big HUG.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-09-11


Magic Sar-Kahli achieved the respected title Swedish National Champion 2006 (Riks-champion) in Halmstad, with highest score of all stallions in show.


Loulou classwinner in England

Kingsleah Loulou (Leilas sister) won the Juniorclass (of 16 young bitches!) at Yorkshire Afghanhound Championship show under judge Mr Paul Britza, Taejon, Australia.

We congratulate Loulous owner/handler Kevin Royal!


Stella Portugues Champion

Spanish Ch Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon finished her Portugues championtitle.


Leila BOBJun in Dresden, Germany

Kingsleah Leila won BOBjunior in Dresden 26th of August under judge Mr Mc Kenzie.

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Click thumbnail for larger view2006-08-02

Skokloster Specialties

The Annual Summer Specialties (Skokloster) in Mariefred 29th & 30th of July. Judges: Helen Elmer-Gibson (Karakush) Australia & Iveta Vojtek (Gandamak), Slovakia.

All our dogs were either winning their class or nicely placed both days.

Kingsleah Amir, 4th (Saturday) and 2nd (Sunday) in Juniorclass. (Pictured)

Kingsleah Last Tango in Paris, 3rd and 4th in Intermediate class.

Kingsleah Amazing Grace, Winner of Intermediate class (shown only Sunday).

Kingsleah Superstar, 4th in Veteranclass both days.

Thank You de Darjeeling, 4th in Open class both days.

Ch Al-Dahnas Raimona, 3rd Championclass & Best Bitch 4 (shown only Saturday).

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-08-01

Junior Winner Hessen-Thuringen

Kingsleah Leila won on her first show in Germany.

Annual Junior Winner in Hessen-Thuringen under Mr Kaiser, USA.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-08-01

Molly won BOB & GROUP

Ransäter Int, Sweden 30th July.

Judge: Christian Vantuu, Rumania.

CACIB, BOB & Group 1, Ch Kingsleah Hot Shot


2 x CAC´s in Portugal

Sintra, Portugal, National & International show, 29 & 30th of July 2006

Spanish Ch Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon won CAC under Rui V. Araujo, Portugal. (Saturday)

CAC & R-CACIB under David Wong, Australia. (Sunday)


Grace Best Bitch in Estonia

Haapasalu All Breed Show, 22.07.2006.

Judge: Mr Manuel Loureiro Borges, Portugal.

EST JCH Kingsleah Amazing Grace, BOS, JBOB

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-07-22

New member of the family ...

Let us introduce our new import, Magic Sar Kahli, a four years Arabian stallion.

Showresults first show 2006:

Winner of Most Classic Head.

Winner of Most Classic Movements.

Winner Stallions 4-7 years.

Winner of the Senior Championtitle

Highest score in show 92,58(of 100).

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Leila Junior Champion in Luxemburg

Kingsleah Leila won at her very first show the Juniorclass and Best Bitch-2 & BIS Junior-2 in Luxemburg under judge Per Lundström, Sweden.


Click thumbnail for larger view2006-07-19

Grace Junior Champion in Estonia

Kingsleah Amazing Grace won JBOB, JCAC, EST JCH, Best bitch 2 under judge Mrs Anne Klaas at Luige National Show, 08.07.06 Estonia.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-06-21

Amazing Grace twice BOB

Alpe Adria Winner 2006, International show, Slovenia.

Judge: Mrs Kersten Scheel, Denmark.

BOB, BOB Jun - out of Junior class! Titles: Alpe Adria W-06, Alpe Adria JW-06.

International Show, Umag, Croatia. Judge: Mr Boris Spoljaric, Croatia.

BOB, BOB Jun - out of Junior class!

We congratulate Gracie´s owner Monica Kullarand to the fantastic showresults!

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-05-08

BOB, Group-1 & BIS-3 in Russia

National Dog show in Pskov, Russia, 7th of May.

"Babu" Multi Ch Kingsleah Arctic Star (a Svinto-son) won CAC, BOB, Group-1, BIS-3 under judge Mrs Gelioskarova from Russia.

Qualified to Crufts.

Babus titles at 2 years of age: Estonian JCH*, Latvian JCH*, Lithuenian JCH*, Baltic JCH*, ESTJunWinner-05, LVJW-05, LTUJW-05, BALTJW-05, CWLW-05, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuenian, Baltic and Russian CH.

*JCH= Junior Champion

More of Babu


Multi JCH Kingsleah Arctic Star "Babu" won BOB, CAC and Group 2 from Intermediate class at the National show in Sillamäe, Estonia, 22 of April under judge L Hanniste.


Champion of Champions in Tallin

Multi JCH Kingsleah Arctic Star "Babu" finished as JBIS-3 at the Champions of Champions Gala Show in Tallin, Estonia, under judge Z von Zidar, Slovenia, 9th of April.


Top Junior Dog 2005

Estonian JCH, Latvian, Lithuenian & Baltic JCH, ESTJW-05, LVJW-05, LTUJW-05 & BALTJW-05 Kingsleah Arctic Star, sired by Svinto, is the Top Junior Dog 2005 (Republican Dog Breeders Club).

BABU's showrecord, not yet 2 years of age: 14 x BOB, CACIB & R-CACIB.


BOB Jun & JCAC in Lithuenia

Kingsleah Amazing Grace did very well at the International show in Lituenia 12 or March.

BOB Junior, LT JCAC.

BOB Puppy at the Puppy Show in Tallin, Estonia.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-03-04

New Spanish Champion

Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon "Stella" finished her Spanish Championtitle by winning the last CAC at the National show in Sevilla, Spain, 4th of March 2006 under judge Norman Huidobro Corbett.

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-02-28

New photos of Tango

These pictures of Tango were made after coming back home from the show in Denmark. It was a very cold but sunny day.

New photos here

BOB & BOS in Denmark!

Tango (Multi Ch Storm-Warning de Golddragon)won CAC, CACIB, BOB & Group-2, at the Danish Kennelclubs International in Odense, Februari 18th under judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden.

Mona (Nordic Ch Al-Dahna´s Raimona) our lovely Svintodaughter from Norway won CACIB and Best Opposite Sex at the same show.


BOB Jun & JCAC in Estonia

Kingsleah Amazing Grace knows how to win.

This time at the International show in Tallin, Estonia, Febr 12th 2006, under judge Knut Wilberg, Norway.

Grace was amazing - judge loved her temperament at first sight - and what a mover she is!

Click thumbnail for larger view2006-01-29

Leila exported to Germany

We wish Leila great success with her new owner Andrea Wöhler in Germany.

See more of Leila

Stella did it in Portugal!

Kingsleah Queen of Golddragon won CAC & CACIB and Best Bitch in Portugal, 21st of January 2006, under judge Ramon Podesta.

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