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Kenstaff Simon

Alias: Simon
Sex: Dog
After: Kingsleah Khan of Khanabad
Under: Patchouli Katharina
Born: 1971-08-14
Breeder: England
Owner: Gunilla Holmgren

Simon was my first afghan. Of Khanabad/Horningsea/Carloway-lines and imported from England.

Simon came to live with me in Canary Islands, Spain, until we returned to Sweden late 1975.

Simon was frequently seen on the catwalk and in magazines and public relations. But he never put a foot on a dogshow. Nor was he used as stud.

Simons beautiful sire gave me the idea of my kennel prefix Kingsleah the day I decided to start to breed these wonderful dogs.


Kingsleah Khan of Khanabad
Patchouli Katharina